How to print LegoŽ Minifigures...

13.02.2020 04:54

For LegoŽ fans and companies all over the world, we print figures specifically as desired. For LegoŽ events, private celebrations and weddings, for the local Lego city or for company events, mailings and trade fairs.

No matter whether complete figures or parts of figures such as heads, torsos or legs. From a quantity of one part you can get your very special figure from us.

You can order from a large selection of already printed parts or send your own graphic.

The upper body can be printed from the front and back and the arms. The legs from the front and back as well as the sides and of course the heads.

In addition to many standard colors, we also have many special colors in our range. Please put together your desired figure from our blank figure parts or parts that have already been printed.

If you send us your own graphics, please pay attention to the file requirements.

We need vector-based print graphics in .ai, .eps or .pdf format for printing.

Please always convert fonts into paths.

We can create your very own miniature figure with the look and feel of your company from an order of 100 pieces. Whether as a giveaway for your customers, as a give-away at a trade fair or for the participants of an event. Hardly any other advertising medium breaks the ice so quickly, because everyone has a connection to the small figures. Whether from your own childhood or through the children at home. Use this enormous marketing power for your company. We would be happy to tell you more about the creation of your own personal figure.

It usually starts with your own idea of ​​how your personal figure could look, as well as your logo, a slogan and the colors that suit your company. From these ideas, a first proof is created, which we refine together to the final figure. At Illustrator we first design the upper body. This can be printed in the classic way with a simple logo or we design a sweater, a windbreaker, a shirt or whatever you want to make the figure look even more lively.

The front and back of the upper body can be printed. We can place a small logo on the front of a polo shirt as shown here and your complete logo with lettering or a company slogan or similar on the back. By placing creases, the figure does not look so static and we can, for example, suggest a construction approach or a waist.

Next, choose the color from a wide range of upper bodies, pants, head and hands, which you can find in our blank figure parts section.

Next we breathe life into your figure by giving it a face. Each project has its own story and we want to implement it as best we can. A computer nerd with glued glasses is just as possible as a crunchy caretaker with a cigar in the corner of his mouth. Whether laughing or looking grim. Whether man, woman or fantasy figure. You can freely choose the color of the heads as well as the facial expression. Whether glasses, beard or beauty stain. There are no borders...

Now all we need is legs and hair and your minifigure is ready. The legs can also be selected from a wide range of colors and can also be printed with if desired. And there is also a large and constantly changing selection of colors, hairstyles, hats, hats and helmets for hair and headgear. Here too we try to meet your requirements as best as possible ...

In the last step we discuss whether your figure should hold tools or the like in your hands, whether you need a printed or unprinted base stone and the desired packaging. As a standard we deliver the figures individually packed in polybags. We also offer suitable blister packaging which we can fit with a DinA7 insert printed especially for you.

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